Friday, 17 March 2017

Australia - Adelaide to Alice Sprigs

Australia 1992. From Adelaide to Alice Sprigs  on the Ghan. A great trip. Now it goes as far as Darwin. Great memories 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Algeria 2007

I have been looking for these photos for a while. Glad I found them. Algeria a country I visited in 2007. I had dreamed for so long to to go here. I was here on a cruise with a 3 day stay. One of the highlights was without doubt the Post office in Algiers. I have to say along with the Office in Ho Chi Minh City, it has to be one of the best Post Offices in the World. I had special security there as it was not on the tour. I of course insisted in visiting . I met the Post master who studied in Ireland . So a small world !   Algeria has so much to show. Will go back again some day. 

Post Office in Algiers

Post Office 

Post Office

Monday, 6 February 2017

Counting Countries - Podcast

Hi all, I have been very busy especially at work as my busy time of the year. However , plenty of travel ahead this year.  I have just finished a podcast on my travels and above is the link. You can also get this in the ITunes store.  Search for Counting Countries and then you see this podcast . Enjoy 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Namiba- Photos

It is only now that I am putting up some of my photos from Namibia. Work got in the way !! What a wonderful country. I cant praise Namibia enough. So much to see as you drive , changing scenery , colours and just an amazing landscape. Very friendly . 

The Philatelic shop in Windhoek across the road from the GPO 

GPO Windhoek. 

Desert Photos , amazing .

Wildlife, from Lions, to Zebras 

Eating out , on a safari . 

Zebra Crossing 
Post office -Etosha National Park. Special Postmark here. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Gardens of Hampton Court Palace.

Europe-United Kingdom-London  This is my second card from my visit to Hampton Court Palace in November. The day I was here , it rained all day, so I did not get to see this beautiful garden in all its glory. 

I have only noticed now that in fact there is a date on this stamp. Below the face of the postmark- 14 Nov 16. Postmarks in general in the UK are rarely clear or in many cases no postmark at all. So that is why I sent this for special postmarking at the Post office . 

Monday, 19 December 2016

London - Hampton Court Palace

Europe-United Kingdom-London  Hampton Palace was the main summer residence of the King of England , Henry the Eight. I had visited many years ago as a child and wanted to go back and visit. It was certainly well worth the visit. Here is a overview of Hampton Court Palace. 

I posted this card in my usual Post office stop , near trafalgar square. On this occasion I asked for a handstamp and this is the postmark I received. I am not keen on this as there is no date and the card arrived in a plastic see through envelope. 

Monday, 12 December 2016

2017 Plan for 2017

Hi All.

I get so people wondering where I am going in 2017. So here are my plans.



Sri Lanka

Lakshadweep Islands








Northern Iraq- Kurdistan




Spratly Islands

November 2017


Burkina Faso


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Africa-Namibia-Ehosha  For many years I have wanted to visit Etosha . So at long last  I made it. It sure lived up to my expectations. Lots of animals from Lions to Giraffe's . I will publish some of those photos shortly. 

There was a small post office in Ehosha . So delighted to find this and a special postmark as well. They had some extra stamps as well for sale. So well done to the Post Office in Namibia . 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Namibia - World Heritage Site

Africa-Namibia-Damaraland This is Twyfelfontein Namibia's first World Heritage Site. Rock paintings. The carvings are very clear as you can see on the left hand side. A good walk  up down and around rocks but worth it. 

It now like me, but I cant recall where I posted this card. After here made my way by car to Ethosha . So somewhere in between. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Namibia - Swakopmund

Africa-Namibia-Swakopmund This town in on the coast . We had a long drive via the Skeleton coast . This town is well developed and is very popular with Namibians as a sea side resort. Being here I felt I was in Europe and felt very German in parts. As you can see in the postcard some of buildings are from the time when Germany was in charge here in the early 1900s. 

Excellent Post office here . Busy and well maintained . Namibia is one of those so few African success stories. The people do care in the Post office and all works well . 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Namibia - Sossusvelei

Africa-Namibia-Sossusvelei  An amazing area to visit. I have been to a number of sand dunes over the world, the ones in France and Mauritania come to mind, but these in Namibia are tops. A world Heritage site as well.  I did not manage to walk or even try to walk up the top of one. The main one is called "Big Daddy" . The colours and the textures are simply out of this world. I can see why the film companies use this area for Sci fi movies. 

A nice set of stamps from the Namibia Post office. I mailed this card from Swakopmund , as I had not go the time at that area to mail from the Post office.