Saturday, 15 December 2018

Houses of Parliament London- England

Europe-England-London This is the Houses of Parliament in London. Since 1512 the Palace has been the seat of the two houses called "The Lords " and "The Commons". You can also see Big Ben.On this occasion in London I visited the House of Lords and had dinner there and got a tour of the The House of Lords . It was amazing , but no photos allowed in that area. 

The main Philatelic office at the Post Office near Trafalgar square is where I get my stamps in London. However it is due to close end of this month , December 2018. I asked for a Regional stamp and this is one of the stamps for England. Hence my reason for having this card listed under England. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

Postal Museum London

Europe-United Kingdom-England-London I got this card during my visit to the Postal Museum in London. It is a two part location. The first part is the museum which is disappointing. It had very little in Philatelic displays. The second part of the visit was to the nearby underground postal railway. That was a treat and loved it. This card is showing a sorting machine at Mount Pleasant office in 1937. I love the yellow coats.  

This was the one of the stamp options that I could purchase at the Postal museum I was surprised to find no Post Office Philatelic Counter. So just labels. Here you can see it says on the label The Postal Museum. I did mail this in a special box , but no special cancellation. I am less than impressed. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

London Transport Museum

Europe-United Kingdom-England-London This card is from the London Transport museum. This is the first printed version of Harry Beck's now world famous Underground map. 1933. The museum itself is very interesting with Buses, Underground transport and Trams all relating to London . 

Unless you go to a large Post Office , United Kingdom Post Offices do not sell special stamps. This is peel and stick stamp I purchased as you can see on the label from the Postal Museum.