Thursday, 28 November 2013


Caribbean-Antigua and Barbuda-Codrington   Well little Barbuda is quite a Gem.. Even getting here on a flight from Antigua. The Airport code is BBQ. Well the place is laid back and well you not going to see any tourists.. So I had a great time here. This is one of those small Islands in the Caribbean where there are more locals then tourists. In fact I did not bump into any here. 

This is a stamp issued from Antigua and Barbuda . A Barbuda Postmark. Quite a nice Post office in Codrington the capital of Barbuda. 

Caribbean-Barbuda-Codrington   As you can see there is not much choice with postcards from Barbuda. But who cares. white sand and clear blue waters. At night time the locals all hang out in the main square where the shops are and chat and talk and sing..  So much fun. 

Barbuda used to issue their own stamps. This is one of the last issues , which is a Antigua and Barbuda stamp overprinted with Barbuda Mail. When I got this postcard back it was not postmarked. So I had to resend it back. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

St. Kitts - World Heritage Site.

Caribbean-St.Kitts-Basseterre  The capital of St.Kitts is certainly a laid back affair. Would not win a beauty competition. Here you see the Independence square which is one of the nicest parts to see. 

I was here on a Saturday off the Cruise ship. I had been to Nevis and by the time I got back here , the Post office was closed. So I had to arrange in advance to get some stamps . Unfortunately all I could get was Christmas stamps, which are fine, but not for use in May !. Still a clear postmark. 

Caribbean-St.Kitts-Brimstone Hill  This old fort is a World Heritage Site. It was well laid out . The museum was excellent with very good illustrations and information. 

This card was posted in Basseterre as there was no post boxes near this site. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Antigua and Nevis

Caribbean-Antigua-Nelson Dockyard  Established by Lord Nelson in 1780s this is a historical part of Antigua. It is the only remaining Georgian Naval Base in the World .Now restored. So boutiques , museums restaurants. Very interesting. 

This is a Antigua and Barbuda Definitive stamp. Not a great selection of stamps here as it is only a sub post office. 

Caribbean-Nevis-Charlestown  Since very few cruise ships go to Nevis , I took the early morning boat across from St.Kitts . Charlestown is a very old colonial town , with a great historic feel to it. Worth the trip for this alone just around the main town here. Nevis is a bit of a gem on my list of Islands to visit in the Caribbean. 

Nevis is part of the Federation , St. Kitts and Nevis. Nevis issues its own stamps. I had arrived early into Charlestown. I had planned to be at the Main Post office, ( which is very small) when it opened at 8.30am.. Well I was there and waited and waited. But it never opened. Luckily I befriended some staff from the shop across the road. They told me the Post office opens and closes " Caribbean Time ". Well I could be here days..... So they took my post card and kindly arranged to post it for me. Always like to visit the Post offices when on a trip. But at least my postcard made it home. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dominica and St.Lucia World Heritage Sites

Caribbean-Dominica-Rosseau  This island is not a very big destination as far as Cruises are concerned. But it is sure very good to visit. I think it has the right balance. But not really a beach Island. More of a Natural Green Island. The Rainforest is great to visit and also a World Heritage Site. 

The Post office in Dominica had a great selection of stamps. Here you see the then newly elected President of the United States. 

Caribbean-St.Lucia-Castries   This is my second time to this Island. The last time I ended up in the Dentists chair and my trip to the interior never happened. So this time I did get to see these marvellous Peaks. Known as Pitons.A World Heritage Site. The Scenery on this Island is fantastic , one of the best to visit in the Caribbean.  

The last time I was here my postcard came back with no postmark. So I had to send it back to the Post office to get cancelled. This time first time. This is a  Definitive stamp. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Virgin Islands U.S.

Caribbean-Virgin Islands U.S.-St.Thomas-Charlotte Amaile   Here you can see the harbour of Charlotte Araile. This town was very crowed with loads of tourists from the Cruise ships. So to me it was all about shopping. So other then that was not very impressed. You can't like all the Islands ! 

Very difficult to read the postmark on these stamps. Posted in St.Thomas . 

Caribbean-Virgin Islands U.S.-St.Croix-Christiansted   Flew up to this island on a Sea plane. My first and only time so far. Was worth the trip for that alone. St Croix is by far the nicer of these two islands. Also no cruise ships were here, so nice and quite. I did feel I was back on a Caribbean Island. Very interesting fort and history here too. 

This card was posted in St.Croix but I can see it has a Puerto Rico Postmark. I guess the mail is sent there for processing. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Puerto Rico

Caribbean-Puerto Rico-San Juan  Well the start of this Caribbean Cruise. Starting in Puerto Rico. Carnival Victory.. A sort of value Cruise company.. 

Here you can see some details of the ship. San Juan laser postmark. 

Caribbean-Puerto Rico-San Juan   A very good photo showing the old Fort in San Juan. This is in excellent condition and was a very important Spanish fort. This is a World Heritage Site. 

Stamps showing Chinese New Year. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fort Lauderdale

North America-United States of America-Fort Lauderdale  Still in Florida and this card is from Fort Lauderdale. It is rare for me to end up on a holiday or vacation , just resting and relaxing. But that is exactly what I did here. There is normally something to see , historic wise or a new place to visit. Here was just chill out time. 

Some more of the Lincoln stamps. Found it difficult to find a mail box here . 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Florida and Everglades National Park

North America-United States of America-Miami  Did not spend any time here really . Was passing though but was night time and did see this view like the postcard. 

Like these stamps featuring Lincoln. Very well designed. 

North America-United States of America-Florida   Visited Everglades National Park. Seen many Alligators like this. Also went on one of those Air boats. Not sure what they are called, but fast . This area is a World Heritage Site. 

I have to say I am a big fan of Bette Davis, so great to see these stamps. " All about Eve " and " What ever happened to Baby Jane " are my favourites. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Jersey and Connecticut

North America-United States of America-Hoboken  I took the train across the Hudson river over to New Jersey. I had been to New Jersey before and visited Atlantic City, but that was pre postcard time. So I decided it was time for a postcard from that State. Not much going on here, but still had a good cup of coffee. 

Posted in New Jersey and you can see that in the laser postmark. 

North America-United States of America-Yale University  Took the train from New York to Connecticut. Always wanted to visit Yale. Spent an enjoyable afternoon here. 

The stamps feature Edgar Poe a well known American author and poet. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

World Heritage Sites of Spain and United Kingdom

Europe-Spain-Atapuerca  This World Heritage Site, contains the earliest remains of Humans in Europe. Not much to see here except a small museum. The caves were the remains were found were not accessible to tourists when I was here. 

Posted in the local Post office. 

Europe-United Kingdom-England-Matlock Bath  The cotton mill here was first built in 1783. This whole  area was a part of the Industrial revolution taking place. It is very interesting to see the houses where the local workers lived. The Old factory has some of the original cotton machines and some even in use so you can see what it was like at that time. A World Heritage Site. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Spain - Burgos World Heritage Sites.

Europe-Spain-Burgos  Here you can see a map of the famous walk "Camino de Santiago" I did not do the walk, well not the full one. This walk and the region associated with it is a World Heritage Site. Not often I have a map on a postcard. 

Sea rescue stamps with a good Postmark. 

Europe-Spain-Borgos   This is the famous Cathedral in Burgos . I have been to so many Cathedrals they are beginning to become all a bit of a blur.. Well a few do stand out all right. Another World Heritage Site. 

I am not sure if this got any sort of postmark. I dont usually put postcards on my blog which have no postmark. There are a few exceptions. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bilbao - Spain

Europe-Spain-Bilbao This is the famous Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. I walked around the building a few times to marvel as how unusual it was. I am not sure I was as impressed inside. A lot of what I would call "Empty spaces". 

Not the most exciting stamp I have in my collection , unless you are into flowers ! 

Europe-Spain-Bilbao   The Vizcaya Bridge. The first bridge in the world to carry people and traffic on a high suspended gondola. It is most interesting to travel on. Even just walking up to it from the narrow streets, it is some sight. A World Heritage Site. 

A typical Spanish Fan on the stamp with a clear Bilbao postmark. 

United Kingdom - World Heritage Sites.

Europe-United Kingdom-England-London  Westminster Abbey. I had past many times when I was in London but had not gone in. This time I arranged to go in when they were have a special service on Saturday evening. This included Carol Singing. It was marvellous . Also a World Heritage Site. 

Postmarks in the United Kingdom leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe they need to safe ink? I like the perforations on this stamp. Very cleaver, like a jigsaw. 

Europe-United Kingdom-England-Greenwich   When I think of Greenwich I used to think of the famous Cutty Sark ship. My father had brought me to see when I was young and never forgot it. This time I was here to learn all about Greenwich Mean time and all that. Very very interesting museum there and also a fab Maritime one too. A must visit place and a World Heritage site as well. 

I quite like the design on this stamp and how it is portrayed.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Africa-Benin-Cotonou  Crossing the border here to here from Togo was a bit of hassle. The border guards kept suggesting that I would have to go back to Cotonou to get my Togo Lome to get my visa. However when they seen how bothered I was they said they could get me a visa. I agreed, but when they put the visa sticker on I discovered it was a lower price. So I demanded the difference back or I would make a scene. So they refunded me. I guess it was the usual bribe stuff. What a welcome to Benin. Visited the World Heritage site here, the old Royal Palace. The building on the top of the postcard, I also tried to visit. But the Army wanted another bribe. In fact the driver I had had to pay two bribes to get me to the Royal Palaces. So corruption rife here . 

When I got to the post office it was " Closed ". Again I think this was another way to get money. There was a guy outside with a table and chairs selling Postcards and stamps. He told me he fills in for the Post office when it is " Closed". So not sure what was going on there. But did post the Postcard and it arrive back ok.