Thursday, 29 August 2013

Christmas Island in the Pacific

Christmas Island in the Pacific

There are two Christmas Islands. This is the one in the Pacific . It is also called Kiritimati . However in local language ti is pronounced as Kirimas hence Christmas. Kiritimati. Christmas Island belongs to Kiribati pronounced as Kiribass.  
Had a great trip here. It is the largest coral island in the world and has a increasing population of 7000 plus. The key tourist feature here is game fishing. 

You can see photos of the Island from the plane. The Airport . The Captain Cook hotel. Christmas Island is part of the Line and Phoenix Islands . I had to wait for the Post office to open . I think it opens like so much here in "Pacific Time " . Not a great selection of Kiribati stamps , but a choice of very nice postcards to choose from.. But when opened the postmaster was very helpful with my mail as you can see. Some  beautiful white sandy beaches. So went swimming and bird watching. 
Next Stop American Samoa. 

Monday, 26 August 2013


Images of Fiji- A chief's meeting house - A view of the sea from the coral coast - Post Office in Sigatoka- a post box at the hotel- a selection of postcards. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

On the Way

Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand. The first of the 20 flights for this trip

Monday, 19 August 2013

Pacific Bound

Hi All, This Blog really has two names Postcards and Travel. So up to this you have seen the Postcard side of the blog. I had started this blog just after I came back from a trip to Asia in March.

So now I head off again . This time  to the South Pacific. Now the travel blog will take over . So over the next 3/4 weeks I will update with photos from the trip. Showing some remote Islands and also Post offices of course. It is 1983 since I have been in the South part of the Pacific and looking forward to see the changes since then. Unfortunately I don't have any postcards from then , as I sent them all to my friends.
 So I hope you find this  interesting. I will update the Postcard blog when I get back and continue on the Arctic trip. You are welcome to comment on the photos I put up and happy to answer any questions.


Faroe Islands and Jan Mayen

Atlantic Ocean-Faroe Islands-Thorshavn   I had been trying to get to the Faroe Islands for some time . On my previous time the flight could not land due to fog. So this time went by sea. At least this way you come right into the capitol Torshavn. Really enjoyed my visit here. Could spend more time here. Liked the green grass that was growing on some of the old houses on the roofs. 

The Main post office has a philatelic section. Lots of stamps to choose from. 

Europe-Norway-Jan Mayen   A remote island up the very north of Norway. Making my way up to the Arctic. On Jan Mayen had to watchful  just in case there was any Polar bears. Also visited Bear Island after this , but no postcard for there. This Island is a Nature reserve. 

Visited the Scientific base here which includes a full Post office. I had a photo taken wearing the Postman's hat. A very nice postmark. 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

From Ironbridge to Fair Isle in Scotland.

Europe-United Kingdom-Ironbridge  This bridge built in 1779 was the world's first cast-iron bridge . A designated World Heritage site. Very interesting to visit with a museum also on site. 

A interesting set of stamps showing covers of James Bonds books. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Aberdeen  Up in Scotland to start my Arctic trip by boat. Aberdeen is the starting point. This city is famous for its Oil industry. 

A hard to read Aberdeen postmark. 

United Kingdom-Fair Isle   Part of the Shetland Islands in North Scotland. This is the second stop on this voyage. Felt remote and very green. Very wild in parts , very few trees if any due to the winds. 

A beautiful old fashioned postmark used by the Post office in Fair Isle. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wales and Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Europe-United Kingdom-Llangollen  Right  in the heart of Wales. 

Here is standard UK definitive stamps. 

Europe-Wales-Pontcysyllte Aqueduct  Went along here which later became a World Heritage Site. Great views. 

On the right is one of the Symbols of Wales, The Welsh Dragon 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bath England- A World Heritage Site.

Europe-United Kingdom-Bath  Here is Bath one of England's great cities. So much to see. 

The stamp here is showing St.David's Cathedral in Wales.  

Europe-United Kingdom-Bath  Here is the famous Roman Baths that Bath got its name from .  A wonderful World Heritage Site. 

Another Cathedral this time Westminster . 

Europe-United Kingdom-Bath  Jane Austen lived here in Bath.You can visit her home . Jane wrote many of her novels here which portray life in the city. 

Again another Cathedral stamp , this time from Northern Ireland ., Belfast. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Stonhenge and Avebury World Heritage Sites in England

Europe-United Kingdom-Stonhenge   Here is a Aerial view of Stonhenge in England. You make a booking in advance to get to these inner circles. 
A very clear postmark from Bristol. Not often you see that quality in the UK. 
Europe-United Kingdom-Avebury  Is also a World Heritage Site along with Stonehenge. 
For all the wrong reasons I do like this postmark. The Postmans pen I suspect. ! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

St.Kilda, World Heritage Site.

Europe-United Kingdom-St.Kilda  In the North West of Scotland. St.Kilda has a large number of seabirds. But was a thriving community until the early 1900s, when it was deserted . You can still see the houses and the main street. Now it is a world Heritage site. Even has its own pub, The Puffin Inn. There are some permanent people here working for the Naval service. 

Was posted in St.Kilda , but in fact there is no post office there now. So sent to Benbecula for posting. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Outer Hebridies-Isle of Lewis-Stornoway  Here you can see some images from this Island including the Airport on the top right. This was the last stop on this trip . 

AUnited Kingdom Stamp featuring Rescue at Sea. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Western Isles in Scotland

Europe-Scotland-North Uist-Lockmaddy  This postcard looks like Ireland but it is not . It is North Uist in the Western Isles in Scotland. A great place to visit with wonderful sandy beaches. 

Here you will see on this stamp some Scottish Tartan 

Europe-Scotland-The Western Isles-Isle of Harris-Rodel   This is where my journey started when I took a small yacht into the the North West part of Scotland . This area is famous for Harris Tweed. 

On this stamp we have the Scottish Thistle another symbol of Scotland