Monday, 22 August 2016

Mogadishu - Somalia

Africa-Somalia-Mogadishu  A postcard from Somalia is as rare as hens teeth as we would say in Ireland. Here is the old Italian lighthouse in the city harbour. Just beside here is the beach. You can see the same type of photo on the earlier photos I took when here. I had always wanted to visit Somalia since I had not managed to gain entry in 2011.  So I was delighted to be able to find  . At first I wondered was there really a tourist company in Somalia ? Well as it turned out there sure was. They looked after me very well . It was great learning about life in Mogadishu . I was able to see all the city . 

This is the first time most will have seen the new postmark at the GPO in Mogadishu. I was so pleased to be able to visit the Post office itself. While there I was able to cancel my postcards with the assistant of the Post office . They even had some stamps available from stock . As you already know there is just incoming mail and no outgoing mail at present. But that is soon to change according to the Director general of the Post and Telecommunications in Somalia. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Post Office - Mogadishu Somalia

It was a big hope for me to visit the Post office in Mogadishu. In fact I did better then that and also had a meeting with the Director General of the Ministary of Post and Telecommunications .

Here is the Director General of the Post after our meeting in Mogadishu. 
There is no out going mail at present , just incoming with an arrangement with Emirates Post. The mail arrives twice a week .  If they put a mobile number on the package or letter the Post office will call you and you can collect. 

Here is the breaking news -
The DG Ahmed Haji Abdi, has just come back from a meeting with Djibouti Government. As a result of this Somalia will launch outgoing mail in early 2017, so a full functioning Post Office. All outgoing mail will go via Djibouti. New Stamps are being planned at this time for release .  I am now in personal contact with the DG and will have more up to date news . I will publish it here. 

That outside of the Post office known still as the GPO. This is the original Post office from the 1970 and has been somewhat restored. 

The entrance to the Post Office. The only function at the present is to collect mail. You must pass a security check. 

The inside of the GPO now restored and getting ready for business in early 2017. 

Here I am with the Deputy of the Postal section. 

I was delighted to find that Somalia still has issues available. I had asked had they any stamps and was surprised and delighted find yes they did. These stamps were from the "Philatelic ".  

Here I am with a Postcard I brought with me and some of the stamps that the Post office has. These are now new issues but from their stock.  As you can see there is in fact a new postmark. 

Post office boxes that will be back in use. 

Incoming mail from Emirates Post. This is the mail they have that they can't find the person. A phone number is needed on the address or else it can't be delivered. Amazing one of those sacks is full of mail was due to go to Solomon Islands. But it ends up in Somalia instead. So now Solomon Post. Now you know where all your missing mail is !!!

This is me outside the main building. 

Here is the new cancellation. First time to be seen.  Somalia Post to open 3 post offices in early 2017. Staff just back from training in Djibouti. New stamps will be released. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mogadishu - Somalia

I have a surprise trip here on the way to India. I have previously been to Somalialand . In 2011. , I visited Mogadishu but at that time the Country only had control over the airport and surrounding streets so it was not possible to enter the city as a tourist.
Now I am here and spend 3 days. It was great to see the city and I felt secure with the security I had.