Friday, 31 January 2014


Middle East-Yemen-Sana'a  I had been reading a lot about Yemen and the shortage of water that was here. Also how unstable Yemen was. Well this was in March 2010 and I had decided to come here while it was good. Luckily for me , my timing was excellent and I had a great time here. Very friendly people and the Architecture was spectacular . Every were I went the locals told me how much they did not like their Government . It was run by a family and unless you were on the inside every thing was difficult. Still it was a city full of visual sights at every turn. Sana'a is a World Heritage Site. 

The Post office in Sana'a had very few stamps . But I was able to find a section that had some choice. So here is as set issued in 2009. 

Middle East-Yemen-Socotra-Hadibo   I took a flight from Sana'a to Socotra Island which is nearer the Somali coast. This was not cared for and would otherwise be a big tourist draw. 

The postmark here is very light . I had brought stamps with me from the purchase in Sana'a. The Post office in Socotra had very little to offer. So was sort of amazed when I produced some stamps I had ready to put on the Postcard. 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sligo - Ireland

Europe-Ireland-Sligo  Rosses Point is a famous part of Sligo. This is the West Coast of Ireland. Very picturesque . Had dinner overlooking here on a beautiful evening. 

This Postcard is showing a Stamp featuring Trim Castle in  Co.Meath. This is great Castle to visit and was also used in the making of the film "Braveheart" , which as set in Scotland. 

Europe-Ireland-Sligo  This is Sligo the main town is also called Sligo . Famous for being the birth place of William Butler  Yates , the well known Irish Poet. 

Ireland has only ever issued one set of stamps that you can have a personalised photo on. This is the stamp which was issued in May 2000 at the World Stamp Exhibition in London. I was there hence my photo at the time . 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Leitrim and Roscommon - Ireland

Europe-Ireland-Co.Leitrim  Carrick on Shannon is on the River Shannon. It has great views around the river . Known for Fishing and Lakes. 

As is normal here a laser postmark . 

Europe-Ireland-Co.Roscommon   Boyle is a very small town in Roscommon. Again the main attraction in this area is fishing. 

We have central sorting offices in Ireland so the mail gets cancelled in one of 3 locations. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Marshall Islands

Pacific Ocean-Marshall Islands-Majuro   Majuro is one of those very low lying atolls in the Pacific. This is not one of the beauty spots of the Pacific and gets very few visitors. Also not country that has lots of Postcards. I found it most difficult to find a postcard here. Usually I prefer a scene and one that I had viewed personally. But sometimes you just have to take what they have . Hence this postcard featuring life under the sea. 

Another large cancellation, like Micronesia. Interesting it seems to suggest US Postal Service? Does anyone know more about that? The Post office also had no selection of stamps. This for a Territory that issues many stamps. I got the impression from the Post office that most of these stamps never even see the light of day in The Marshall Islands. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Federated States of Micronesia

Pacific Ocean-Micronesia Federated States of -Pohnpei  I arrive here in the middle of the night. So could not see a lot. This is the Village Hotel I stayed in. Right in the middle of a lush rainforest. Well when I woke up the view was magnificent . One of those times that you are just in such surprise how amazing the view is. The hotel was great and the surrounding area. 

Visited the main Post office down town in Pohnpei. They had a limited supply of stamps which they took out of a envelope. So a little disappointing bearing in mind the large number of stamps that Micronesia issues. 

Pacific Ocean-Micronesia Federated States of -Pohnpei-Kolonia  This is the main town in Pohnpei, Kolonia. Not very inspiring to be honest. But the trip on the canoe as showing on the postcard , I did take. I went to the famous ruins in Pohnpei, which should really be a World Heritage Site. A great way to get a good feel of how life was here many years ago. 

Here just before Christmas , so nice to show a Christmas issue. The Postmark as you can see is very large. And red, so it does stand out. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Wake Island

Pacific Ocean-Wake Island  This island is very difficult to get permission to visit. I was due to go a few  years before but due to a typhoon the trip was cancelled. Got permission this time as part of a special visit group including relatives of people who died in the Battle of Wake Island. Spend the full day here with lots to see. Like a little part of USA which it is , with a bar, restaurant and an amazing old Airport Terminal. This postcard , I purchased in advance and is from the 1960s. 

Arrived here December 11, which was the day that the battle of Wake started December 11, 1941. I was surprised to find a full functioning Post Office here. It is situated in the beautiful terminal building . 

Pacific Ocean-Wake Island  Purchased this card in the souvenir shop at the airport. The military were very helpful and arranged tours of the island and the history. There was a special ceremony with the relatives of the deceased from the second World War. Visiting Wake Island, was the main reason for my trip to the Pacific and once the trip was a go, other islands just were added on. 

I really like this very clear postmark from the Post office. It looks like a Post office from the 1950s, not that I was around then. Wake Wake Island ! Reminds me of Wideawake airfield on Ascension Island . 

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Pacific Ocean-Palau-Koror  Palau has much to offer. The key tourist sights here are the Rock Islands. Unfortunately I could not find a postcard showing them. What a great place to visit. Also a magical lake that has jelly fish that don't sting. The Rock Islands are a World Heritage site. 

The Palau Post office have a very good Philatelic Section. Here you see stamps featuring Michael Jackson. With the black background it is hard to see the cancellation on part of the stamp. 

Pacific Ocean-Palau-Koror  It is nice to have a card featuring people. Palau does not have a lot of cards to choose from . At least you see some of the culture. 

At least this stamp is showing a more local feature, a shell.  Interesting to see that there is no date stamp on the cancellation.  

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Houston -Texas

North America-United States of America-Houston  I arrived in Houston December 09, expecting to spend a nice few days visiting friends. However, when I got there it was full of snow.. So did not do as much visiting as planned. So spend one full day here inside this nice warm mall , doing some shopping. Not that I would win a prize for shopper of the year. Houston was my stopping off point for a connection with Air Micronesia now part of United. Connecting on to the Pacific. 

Posted in the mall Post Office. 


South America-Chile-Santiago  This was my second visit to Chile and Santiago. I had been in 2002 and  spend 3 weeks visiting all over Chile. So this time it was really a stopover on the way home from Easter Island. I did go up to the park that you can see a good view of the city. The guests I was with had a poor experience in the hotel we stayed . We went for dinner and they sent it back 3 times as it was so badly cooked and prepared. I just remember reading the review that was then written on trip advisor and it was like something out of Fawlty Towers the TV programme. Still I have a fondness for Chile and plan to go back to visit . 

This card was mailed at the Airport as I left. It was a Sunday and the Post  offices were closed . 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Easter Island

Pacific Ocean-Easter Island-Hanga Roa  Well it was such a joy getting here. I had not expected so much of Easter Island. Well photos do no justice to those famous statues. Pretty amazing for sure. It is only when you are here that your realise how remote the place is. But well worth the trip. Easter Island is a excellent World Heritage Site. 

The Post office here really did not have any stamps and had to come back the next day. Luckily was here for 3 days. This is a basic definitive stamp issue. 

Pacific Ocean-Easter Island-Hanga Roa  This is the ship which we started on the cruise. The Clipper Odyssey. It started in Tahiti and last stop was here , Easter Island. A great ship with great service. This was the only way I could be more certain I could land on Pitcairn Island. 

The Post office also had this miniature sheet for sale in a back shelf. They were trying to tell me not for Postage, but I ignored them. Not the first time I had come across this. The sheet itself is imperf. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pitcairn Island and Henderson World Heritage Site.

Pacific Ocean-Pitcairn Island  A lot of research went into getting here. I had planned to do this trip a number of years before, but I discovered that the ship what was doing the trip rarely managed to land passengers ashore. So I cancelled. On this trip, I learned before I booked that the head of the Expedition had a 100% record of landing on arrival. Many times it is down to how much effort the crew will put in to getting passengers ashore. Of course if the weather is very bad, well then there is nothing one can do. On the morning we set sight of Pitcairn and it was a wonderful blue skies day and calm waters. We had specialists on board to tell us all about Pitcairn and all the Bounty films. One of my fellow passengers had seen Mutiny  on the Bounty 72 times. !! The locals came out with long boats which had engines. They were quite large and we headed for Pitcarin , about 10 mins away from the ship anchored off shore. A walk up the hill to the main settlement of Adamstown. The population when I was here was 51. One of my dream destinations and delighted to be onshore. Spend quite a bit of time speaking to the locals, and purchased some of their famous honey. 

The Post office opened for the ship and was busy getting mail ready to go out as well as processing all the passengers who managed to cram into the small Post office. 

Pacific Ocean-Henderson Island   The next day we sailed to Henderson. A wonderful sort of flat Island with loads of bird life. Very like this miniature sheet. Also a great sandy beach. A rarely visited World Heritage Site. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gambier Islands- French Polynesia

Pacific Ocean-French Polynesia-Gambier Islands-Mangareva   This was quite a bit away from the Tuamatou Islands, as it took a good few days to get here. Very different Island too. More Mountains and a village full of life . Last stop in French Polynesia . 

A quaint village Post office right in the centre of town. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tuamotu Islands- French Polynesia

Pacific Ocean-French Polynesia-Tuamotu Islands-Mataiva   These Islands are all little bits of paradise. As they are on the outer sides of French Polynesia not many tourist get out here. One of the benefits been on a small  cruise ship. On some of the Islands quite a job finding a Postcard. 

All very clear and concise postmarks out here. 

Pacific Ocean-French Polynesia-Tuamotu Islands-Rangiroa   Rangiroa is the largest atoll in the Tuamoutus. The big thing here is Pearls. Seen them being picked out of the shells. Very interesting to see.  

This card is a little worse for wear. But managed to escape ok to get home. All the Post offices here have nice clean postboxes outside, so if the Post office is closed you can still mail out. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tahiti and Moorea- French Polynesia

Pacific Ocean-French Polynesia-Tahiti-Papeete   The capital of French Polynesia. This is my second visit to this island. I have to say not one of my favourite places to visit. Not as beautiful as the other outer islands and I find the people themselves here , not very friendly . Also very expensive. Still it is the starting point to French Polynesia. 

The main Post office in Papeete, have a great selection of stamps. So stocked up on my stamps here for my trip around French Polynesia. 

Pacific Ocean-French Polynesia-Moorea   First time on this island. Came be ship. This was the start of my small cruise ship trip around the Pacific. This is a beautiful Island with stunning scenery and well worth the visit. Took many photos and is very picturesque. 

I like the Postmark here. Iles de Vent . Papetoai , Moorea.  This is the main town on the Island. Spend two great days here. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Nuku Hiva - Marquesas Islands

Pacific Ocean-Marquesas Islands-Nuku Hiva  One of the most beautiful Islands I have ever visited. Nuku Hiva is part of French Polynesia . Expensive to fly here from Tahiti but worth every penny. From the wonderful coastline to the interior, either way a little part of Paradise is here. 

A very nice Post office here at Taiohae the main town in Nuku Hiva. A good selection of stamps. I could not resist this stamp showing a tourist  on the Moon with a flag..The Flag is from the same fabric as shirt. Fab ! 

Pacific Ocean-Marquesas Islands-Nuku Hiva  This is a carved Postcard. The first one I had ever seen. The bottom of the card is inscribed Nuku Hiva . Showing fish. My days were spend here walking around the Island and discovering all it had to offer. Would love to go back. 

Was not sure how  the Post office would deal with a Postcard made of wood. But it made it home. One of my treasured Postcards from a Island that far exceeded my expectations.