Thursday, 28 April 2016


We'll Funafuti , Tuvalu has always been close to my heart. It was the first island Country I wanted to visit when I began my travels back in 1980. So here I am back for the third time. It was great and as friendly as every . Tuvalu is considered by the UN to be the least visited Country in the world. 

The Post Office and the philatelic bureau are now in the same building. This was the original Bureau. 

The friendly staff of Tuvalu Post limited. They are in there new uniforms. Some staff are assigned to bureau work . 

The Counter has many stamps going back years. Now days the stamps are sent to Tuvalu from their agents in New York free of charge ,so no cost to Tuvalu. What stamps they sell from Tuvalu is pure profit. However, if they wish to have a"local " issue they have to fund the stamps . Since they cannot afford that there is very little local content in the stamps of Tuvalu. The post office mostly sells the corals definitive issue to regular post clients. There is a newer Fish definitive set, but it is now only sold as a set. However, I was able to use this set on the many covers and postcards I sent back. 

Tuvalu has just received new postmarks. These are just about to be sent to the outer islands of Tuvalu. 

Monday, 25 April 2016


Curving its way around the equator the Republic of Kiribati ( pronounced Kiribas) has changed a lot since my last visit in 2002. More shops and new roads. A good feel place and one of the most friendly bunch of islanders around . 

The outside of the Post office has seen better days. But it was busy inside and very helpful. Plenty of stamps available to choose from . Here with the staff of the main post office in Bairiki . Postcards where available from the Philatelic bureau which was next door. 


The people of Nauru a tiny potato shaped island was once one of the worlds richest . At least that was the case when I visited last in 1980. Now in 2016 , the phospate has nearly run out and it is a very poor reflection of its old claim to fame. 

Nauru post office looks like it was falling apart. The last stamp issue they have was released in 2009 and they have no new issues here since then. The post office sells Definitives unless you ask for special stamps and then they produce a full selection in another folder . It is just 70c to mail a postcard. They have stopped the registered service over a year ago according to June who was in charge on the first day when I got the low down on Nauru Post. Here I am with the lady who normally deals with EMS Mail  but June was out sick on the second day of my visit. Very helpful . They are waiting on a new postmark and some airmail stickers. I would say some paint as well ! 

Brisbane - Australia

Arriving in Brisbane on the first stage of this Pacific trip. Enjoyed this city , full of life. 

This is the GPO in Brisbane. A full selection of stamps available at the post office. However not allowed to take photos inside .