Monday, 12 September 2016

Dubai - UAE

Middle East-United Arab Emirates-Dubai  Posted this card on the way back from my recent India trip. Here is a night view of Burj Al Arab which I think is a 7 star hotel. Many years ago in Dubai I visited and had dinner in the underwater restaurant and finished that off with a drink in the sky lounge. The biggest surprise was at the end. I was staying at a sister hotel and when I came out of the building they had a Rolls Royce to bring me back to my hotel.. Never to be forgotten. 

There is a 24 Hours Post office at Dubai Airport. You can buy stamps there and postcards in the shop just down the stairs. You cannot buy sets just complete collections. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

More Ahmedabad - India

Asia-India-Ahmedabad This is a second postcard I purchased in the shop at Gandhi's headquarters The painting of this image is on view. 

It's Olympic year so a good opportunity to use the latest Olympic stamps from India . One of the sports I had a big interest in is shown here. Badminton . I travelled Europe as a Umpire and enjoyed it very much. Apart from playing the game itself for many years. India won a Silver medal in this sport . The Postmark is a special postmark and is only in use if you mail at the postbox outside Gandhi's Museum/Headquarters. 

Asia-India-Ahmedabad During my desperation to find a card in Ahmedabad I purchased this one sided card from the Post office. As it happens I was here for Independence day and India issued a stamp. So in memory of that special day I had to purchase this miniature sheet. It is also inscribed "Tourism in India" 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Ahmedabad - India

Asia-India-Ahmedabad This is a postcard I purchased at Sabarmati Ashram the Gandhi's headquarters from 1917 to 1930 during the long struggle for Indian Independence.  I was in this city for work so had one day to see some of its charms. With a population of over 5 million it was near impossible to find a postcard . I did find none of the city itself or the state of Gujarat. I would suspect it is not a state with a big tourist draw. 

Unfortunately I had to cover up some of the text on the back of the card. I mailed this at the GPO in Ahmedabad. There was a philatelic counter, but it was not manned. So after a few minutes I discovered it was in fact within the Post office itself. So it was there I was able to choose from a good selection of current Indian Issues.

This is the inside of the Post office. A very busy office .  

One of the Post office vehicles  getting cleaned

 This should be the Philatelic Counter but in fact it was not manned. The line is for something else.

The Mail boxes outside

The Entrance to the GPO in Ahmedabad

Rare maybe the first time I have put a photo of myself at work. Always enjoyable.

The World Heritage site at Rani-Ki-Vav build in 1063. A magnificent step well. Well worth the visit . About 3 hours outside the city

Finally a icon of the city of Ahmedabad .. The window carved in stone . The Tree of life.