Sunday, 31 March 2013


Africa-South Africa-Johannesburg. I did not manage to see any of this city. I was on a connection flight from Cape Town to Livingstone in Zambia. 

Posted at the airport in Jo'burg. 

Africa-Zimbabwe-Victoria Falls. Just across the border from Zambia. I seen the falls from this side as well as the Zambia side. With the crazy exchange rate everything was a high price. Went to have afternoon tea in the Victoria Falls hotel. While having  tea an American couple were having a hard time with the waiter and the bill. I asked if I could help.They had got a bill in Zimbabwe dollars = to 40 USD for afternoon tea for two. The did not want to pay with the credit card as the bill would have had lots of zeros and they were afraid how much it could end up on their bill when they got home. I said have you got 15USD? They said they had. I said just pay them that in cash. It wont go near any till that is for sure. So that sorted that out. They were looking for 10 USD for a coke. Remember this was 2005.. Glad to get back to the Zambia side. 

Well here is a story and a half. Went to the Post office with about 5 USD to buy some stamps. They would not take USD, I had to change it outside. I did manage to find someone to change. The money was like Monopoly money. You could have printed it yourself. Back to the post office and offered 2 USD for 2 sets of stamps. I got the first stamp worth Z$50 then they told me the total was Z$40,000. I thought I heard it wrong. I said you need 40, thousand ? Yes. Surprise they had stamps that came up to this value.  I think each postcard was about 2.50 USD in stamps. Inflation was bad here. 

Africa-Zambia-Livingstone. Named after David Livingstone. Just on the border with Zimbabwe. I enjoyed my few days here. Safe and no hassle. 

A definitive stamp from  Zambia. Not much choice in stamps from the Post office in Livingstone. It was a large Post Office. 

Africa-Zambia-Livingstone  This is Victoria Falls from the Zambia size.  When I was there  it was full of water. You have to go at the right time or you may see no water. One of those 'must see' sights. A joint World Heritage Site with Zimbabwe.

A postmark from Livingstone. 

Africa-Zambia-Livingstone  Took at trip on the Zambezi river.  It really was a bit like the African Queen  from the movie. 

I can't remember if there was a sunset or not. 

A postmark from Livingstone. Could do with a clean . 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

South Africa

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town. Not often I have a section on one country let alone one city . That city is Cape Town. One of my favourite places in the world . Cape Town has it all.. The scenery and there is lots of that  are outstanding. Should I mention the liquid lunches at the wineries? In 2005 the prices were a bargain . This area shows table mountain. A iconic site in Cape Town. When you see it first it does take your breath away. In the foreground you will see Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Lots of shopping and restaurants here. 

I do like these stamps especially the sporting stamp on the bottom right. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Camps Bay. A upmarket part of Cape town. A good beach and a excellent view point all around. 

A mixture of stamps purchased at the main Post office in down-town  Cape Town. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Franschhoek. Well want a good place to have lunch? This is the card from the restaurant . La Petite Ferme. The weather was good as was the company and the food. 

Looks like a laser postmark. A good train stamp. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Franschhoek  What a great postcard. This is how I remember it. A very  good day out back from Lunch. 

Posted at Franschhoek but a standard Cape Town postmark. A very good train stamp. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Simonstown  This is a naval base in the area of False Bay. Very nice seaside village and nearby you see the famous Penguins.  Well worth a visit a great location. 

Posted at Simonstown post office, but gone to the Cape Town sorting office. A airmail definitive stamp featuring a rhino.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Europe-France-Paris. Well what can one say. Every one should at least visit Paris once. What more could you ask for The food, the feel of the place and just how romantic it is. Here shows a night view of the Eiffel tower. Every time you visit Paris you can find somewhere new to see. Many areas  of Paris is a World Heritage Site. 

Posted in Paris. I find on the main post offices you can get a great selection of stamps . Most European countries post offices only have a small selection. So well done France. The stamp here shows the Millau Viaduct the highest bridge in the world. It was designed by Norman Foster. 

Europe-UNESCO- Paris. This postcard is showing the UNESCO  headquarters  in Paris . I visited here and got a special pass in. They have a great selection of UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) of Publications and information. I also visited the special exhibition of works of Art on display . These are from different members of UNESCO. Well worth a visit. 

UNESCO issues its own stamps in connection with the French post office. So this stamp has UNESCO  symbol on the bottom left side. This stamp was mailed at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris itself. There is a post box within the building. UNESCO has its own place instead of a country due to the issue of the stamps. 

Europe-Germany-Cologne. Showing a view over the Rhine of Cologne and its famous world heritage site of the Cathedral. This is certainly a well worth place to visit.. I have to say in January it never looks like this. A World Heritage Site. 

A very clear postmark of Kolm. Got this stamp in the main philatelic office in Cologne. As a bonus got a stamp of the Koln Dom , ie Cologne Cathedral. 

Europe-Germany-Düsseldorf  I used this airport a lot for connections in Europe, especially going to Cologne. Showing a shot of different images of the airport. 

Düsseldorf mailed at the airport. 

Europe-England-Birmingham  Today Birmingham is a major international commercial  centre in England. I have been in many times always in January for business.  Always quite cold at that time. This postcard shows the 18th century canal network. 

This is the definitive regional stamp for England. Featuring the English  oak tree. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Middle East

Middle East - Qatar - Doha  The perfume bottles are famous. I have not on this occasion visited Qatar proper. I was on a connection flight to Dubai from London. 

Purchased this postcard at the airport in Doha.. 

Middle East - Dubai  Showing the Jameriah Beach Hotel. This is the hotel I stayed in on my  3 trips to Dubai. It has a great location on the beach and 7 restaurants to choose from. 

A clear Emirates Postmark. This is the most popular location in the UAE. The special Dubai stamp is on the right. 

Middle East -  United Arab Emirates - Dubai  Here you see the Palm Jumerah.  At this time in 2004 the Palm was not finished. 

A clear postmark from the Emirates. The Post office in Dubai  has a great philatelic selection. 

Middle East - Sharjah  Sharjah is very near Dubai. 

Hard to read postmark.  Showing the special Sharjah stamp on the right. 

Middle East - Ajman  Showing Mosques of the region. 

A hard to read postmark. With the special Ajman stamp on the right. 

Middle East - Umm al Quwain  Showing doors of the region. 

A standard Emirates postmark. With the special Umm al Quwain stamp on right. 

Middle East - Ras Al Kaimah  Here you can see the Wadis of the Region. 

Hard to see the postmark on these stamps. But again have the special Ras Al-Kaimah stamp on right. 

Middle East - Sharjah - Khor Fakan  Maybe part of Sharjah but surrounded by Fujairah.  Has a very good beach here. 

Standard postmark from the Emirates. 

Middle East - Fujairah  This falcon is at the main Roundabout in Fjuerah.  I think it says a lot when it says it is popular tourist attraction. Not sure there are many others. I did go diving here . Did not find it great as the visibility was poor.

This is my last card from 2004. Has the special Fujairah stamp on right. 

Middle East - Abu Dhabi  This is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. As you can see it is my last Emirate to visit in UAE.  I recall  the waterfront and a great museum. 

Abu Dhabi has its own postmark. This is my first postcard of  2005. Sent on January 2. Has the special Abu Dhabi stamp on right. 

Middle East - Oman -Muscat  The postcard shows the main corniche in Muscat. I especially remember the main Mosque in Muscat. Outstanding. 

A good selection of stamps were available at the Post office in Muscat. The stamp on the right features  Qaboos  bin Said al Said the Sultan of Oman. The stamp has gold in the centre. When I was there I was told that he has a plane full of gold bullion ready to depart if he has to leave at short notice. Well this Sultan has been in power since 1970.