Monday, 18 March 2013


Europe-Romania-Bucharest  Not to be confused with Budapest. I have heard stories of people ending up in the wrong city, they do sound quite alike. Well this postcard is exactly how I remember Bucharest. It was very large and grand. My few days there were nice and warm. So everyone was taking advantage of the large park in the centre. I visited the parliament building in the background, the second largest building in the world I believe. There were many fountains, but none of them worked. How many times have you noticed that in Eastern Europe? . 

This stamp shows the main Atrium in the centre of Bucharest.  Stamps at the post office were not inspiring on my visit. 

Europe-Bulgaria-Rousse  This town is right on the border with Romania. Got here by car from Bucharest. Well this photo is exactly in the centre of town. There are more restaurants around here then you can see. I have to say the architectural work on the buildings was fascinating . 

I guess this is a definitive issue from Bulgaria. Being in a smaller town you just take what you can get stamp wise. I do like the Par Avion label . Looks like it says Bulgaria89! 

Europe-Hungary-Budapest  One of the best cities in Central Europe. Buda and Pest. Then you have the Danube, the gypsy music, the food and that stunning parliament building on the river. I have always stayed at the Old Gellert Hotel. Very central and a little communist in style. A large part of Budapest in a World Heritage Site. 

Got this stamp at the airport, so not much choice. Looks like it is celebrating EU membership. 

Europe-Macedonia-Ohrid  Lake Ohrid you can see in the postcard. A really great place. Lots to see and a charming town. This place is worth a visit and at night was packed with everyone eating out. This area is a World Heritage Site. 

I am not sure about this postmark. Looks very fancy, just more ink needed. 

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