Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turkey,China,North Korea,Hainan Island

Europe-Turkey-Istanbul  My first card.  Spent a great Valentine's weekend here.  It was great, but snowed all the time.  Still what sights and the fun that was had...

It was snowing. I could not get to the post office. So the Four Seasons Hotel obliged and mailed this card but affixed the stamp in a crooked fashion.  The postcard is from the hotel. 

Asia-Turkey- Kadlkoy Istanbu  Took the boat ride across the Bosphorus to Asia. Europe for Breakfast, Asia for Lunch. 

At least these stamps went on straight.

Asia-China Peoples' Republic-Beijing  3 days in Beijing visiting all the sights.  Lots to see. My first cup of Latte ever at the Hyatt. I don't drink much coffee but it's my favourite type.

The Stamp shows the West lake in Hangzhou, a famous attraction.

Asia-DPRK North Korea-Pyongyang  One week here, very cold.  A lot of Dear Leader Stuff. Still fascinating for sure. Great Memories.  Food left a lot to be desired, but at least more than some of the workers I had seen in the fields looking for scraps.

Well the post office here was something else. They had a great selection. I tried to buy some stamps of the "Dear Leader" to put on the postcard. They would have none of it , having the President postmarked was not a option.  They offered birds and I took one, they were also happy when I took the missile stamps against the "Imperial bastards " !! You have to laugh.

Asia-Hainan Island - Sanya  Well after the grey skies of South China where I had been working, it was a pleasure to find Sanya. It is a sort of Hawaii of China in the South China sea near Vietnam. What a delightful surprise. The hotel helped of course with the pure soft white sand and plenty of R and R. 

These are definitive stamps for PRC. ( Peoples Republic of China ) . 

Asia-Republic of China- Taiwan-Taipei  A view of  Taipei at night and Taipei 101 the tallest building at this time in Asia and the 3rd in the World. The best thing about Taipei is the National Palace Museum. Fantastic and considered to be the best in any part of China PRC or PR. — in Taipei, Taiwan.

These stamps say Republic of China , the stamps issued now state Taiwan. Just to confuse those who don't know about this sort of thing.. — in Taipei, Taiwan.

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