Sunday, 24 March 2013


Europe-Italy-Cividale Del Friuli  What a great name . This town hall was very prominent as I walked around the town. On this trip plenty of good food was had. The Italian food was to die for, a reason to visit Italy, you can't beat the real local food. 

One of my favourite postmarks in all my collection. So many countries now just send the mail to the sorting office and no local postmark any more. The Post office here went to a bit of trouble to get me a selection of stamps.They were all locked up inside in a press but the key was retrieved and hey presto stamps appeared. I like the old fashioned suitcase on the stamp. 

Europe-Slovenia-Piran  See that circular area in the postcard? It is  known as Tartini  Square. Not sure I would call it a square. Lots of good places to people watch and a very interesting town as you can see. 

Piran is one of three major towns on the Slovenian Istria. 

Europe-Croatia-Porec  Well what a nice town this is.  Very picturesque. Walking around by the harbour. It was my first time in Croatia and I have since gone back. One of the best countries to visit in Europe. I was having lunch with a colleague. There was a clear sign outside saying "no credit cards ".   As we were having lunch my colleague mentioned how were we going to pay as no credit cards accepted. I said I had Euro. We had eaten half the dinner at that stage. Well no problem they took the Euro. When going across into Croatia by car, I had to ask the border guard for a passport stamp as they were just waving every one on.  

I was here in the late afternoon, so I purchased the stamp at a shop. I had no local money but they accepted Euro. 

Europe-Italy-Trieste  I do remember the Piazza Unita de Italia the main square in Trieste. 

It was late November, so I like the Christmas stamp. As it happens the stamp on the right is the 50th anniversary  of  Trieste being back to Italy. 

Europe-France-Nantes  Situated on the banks of the Loire. I did not get a chance to see the river as  working somewhat inland.  I do remember my  business lunch though.  Brought to a speciality restaurant featuring Escargots (cooked snails ). They say there is a first time for everything. The first one was fine and when I started to eat the second one I thought it moved! So I don't think I had any more after that. 

A clear postmark from the Loire region in France. The stamp features the definitive issue of France with Marianne. I note it says RF on the bottom left for the Republic of France or French Republic. 

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