Sunday, 5 May 2013

Atlantic Islands

Atlantic Ocean-Tristan da Cunha   Well if you been reading this blog you will know that Bouvet is the most remote island in the world. Well Tristan da Cunha is the most remote island in the world with a permanent population. Being a island lover, this was the island I had dreamt of visiting for many many years. It was a joy when it was first sighted from the ship. The high cliffs of the island and the side where the main settlement was on. Stayed here for two wonderful days and it has been without a doubt one of the highlights of all my travel. Very few tourist ships land here. I guess less then 3 a year. The local crayfish was very tasty. And to finish it off being here on St. Patrick s day March 17 was the iceing on the cake. 

The Post office is only open here when needed. So open on March 17. The main postmistress was on leave. So they were a bit 6s and 7s in the post office. So they asked me to help out with assisting passengers from the ship get the right stamps and so on. 

Atlantic Ocean-St.Helena-Jamestown  This is the main street in Jamestown. Right in a valley . A bit of a time warp for sure. Going into the local shop some of the food was out of date. One of the main attractions here is Jacobs ladder. A very long set of steps to bring you from the top of Jamestown to the main street. I could barely walk when I reached the end. Enjoyed the stay here. 

It took 6 days to get here from Tristan da Cunha. So a long way . The Post office is sort of iconic here. A old colonial building and a great selection of stamps. Happened to bump into "The Postman" and took his photo. 

Atlantic Ocean-St.Helena-Longwood House  When you mention St.Helena to most people the first name that will come up is Napoleon . Here is were he stayed on the Island at Longwood house. He died here too. In fact this is managed now by the French government and you will see a French flag outside. Like a sort of Embassy I guess. Had champaign on the lawn here as some of the passengers were celebrating getting here. St.Helena is currently building an Airport so it wont be as difficult as it was to get here. One could quite easily enjoy a longer stay on this island.  

This card was also posted at the main Post office in Jamestown. I do like the shape of the oval postmark. Not often you see something like that. 

Atlantic Ocean-Ascension Island-Georgetown   Landing on this island was not easy. Landed by zodiac and had to hold on to a rope and swing on . One of the passangers got quite wet. This for me was the least interesting of the British Atlantic Islands. It is really a staging and stopping post for planes on the way down to the Falkland Islands. There is a airport here named Wideawake. The big attraction here is the Turtles .We seen all the eggs here and the Turtles leave and mostly go towards Brazil. 

On the left you see the jetty were passengers land if coming by ship. On the right is the Turtles . So a sort of mini  tourist highlights on one postcard. 

Atlantic Ocean-Cape Verde-Santiago Island-Praia   After so many weeks with few people it is a bit of a shock landing on a island with tourist infrastructure. Many beach hotels on this island. A very beautiful white beach here . . 

At the Post offices here it was just a case of getting  what stamps one was given.  

Atlantic Ocean-Cape Verde-Santiago-Tarrafal   Not the most exciting postcard I ever sent. Finding any postcard here was not easy. Looks like a wood carving 

Tarrafal is a major seaside and fishing town with a great white sandy beach. 

Atlantic Ocean-Cape Verde-Sal-Santa Maria   I guess one of the longest trips I have ever taken. Last stop  before getting a plane home.  9 weeks . Starting in Argentina and last stop Cape Verde and Sal. The main Gateway from these Islands. Still got to lots of Islands and landed on every one attempted. So a fantastic trip. Cape Verde does not get much rain fall so they really have to watch the use of water on these islands. Hard to figure out where you in Africa or not. The locals told me they were not Africans. 

Santa Maria, the 3rd largest city in Cape Verde. 


  1. Do you have a list of which countries and territories you have NOT been to yet? It seems like it must be zero!! I've never known anyone before who went to Tristan da Cunha!! What a wonderful experience!

  2. Hi Leslie, not quite zero yet but getting there. My next trip in August includes : Tonga, Christmas Island(Kiribati) ,Tokelau and Niuafo'ou and Wallis and Fortuna. Tokelau is the last Island I have to get to that has no airport.