Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mauritania and Senegal

Africa-Mauritania-Nouakchott  Here we have many scenes from Mauritania and  the top two on the right are  from Nouakchott the capital . Fishing is a very big part of the life here . 

I felt I was stopping back into the French foreign legion when here. Some of the Post offices were certainly of the old style.. 

Africa-Mauritania-Chinguetti   This area is a World Heritage site, due to the fact it was a stop on the caravans that passed through in the 11 and 12 century's . These centres became major focal   points of Islamic culture. 

Some of these Post offices were in amazing locations and I took plenty of photos. 

Africa-Mauritania-Atar  Sand Sand and more Sand. You are in the Sahara here and  the land of Sand and Camels.  

All these stamps look like a set from a definitive series but cant be sure. 

Africa-Senegal-Dakar    As they say,  Next stop Senegal. I had been here a few years before and visited all the sights including Ile Goree which was excellent. Dakar is considered to be the pickpocket capital of Africa. Well I did not try to find out!! Only stopped here for a day this time as was connecting onto West Africa. Senegal International airlines are now gone out of business. A very good airline. 

I found it difficult to find cards here on this trip. But got this one and posted it at the airport. This card is showing one of the markets in Dakar 


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