Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Saudi Arabia Part 2

Middle East-Saudi Arabia-Riyadh  Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia. Quite  futuristic and modern. Had some great dinners here and can remember one from the top of a building with a great view. Also visited a shopping centre. The top floor was reserved for women only. 

One of the  stamps shows Abdullah the King of Saudi Arabia . 

Middle East-Saudi Arabia-Dammam    In this area of Saudi Arabia the main sights relate to the Oil industry . Went to see a very educational museum relating to oil and its beginnings in Saudi .

This is the first card I have shown in full from the reverse. The reason being is the size of the stamp. It is a imperf large stamp. The largest in my postcard collection. 

Middle East-Saudi Arabia-Al Hofuf   This was the last stop on our tour of Saudi Arabia . Spent the last night here at the inter-continental hotel . As part of the visa regulations, I had found out that Saudi Airlines was my sponsor and so I had to fly in and out on Saudi Airlines. 

An unusual circular postmark. The stamp had very poor perforations.  

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