Sunday, 14 July 2013


Africa-Algeria-Annaba   Algeria was the next stop on the cruise. I had been wanting to get to Algeria for some time. I had made a plan in the mid 1980s, and had booked to spend 3 weeks in Algeria , but 4 weeks before I was due to go there was a coup. Annaba was the first stop. ;

Purchased this stamp at a small post office near a tourist site. When walking near by, many people came over to say it was great to see some tourists. 

Africa-Algeria-Algiers  Well was excited to get here to this city. Going through the Kasbah in Algiers was amazing. Stopping at the local shops and walking through. This unique Kasbah is also a World Heritage site. No tourists in sight. 

Getting to the Post office in Algiers was not easy. I was on a fixed tour for Security reasons. We had armed Police with us during the whole stay in Algeria. There was no plans to go to the Post office. So I managed to get the tour company to get me there. So during the normal tour , a security tapped me on the shoulder and I was quietly taken by car to the Main Post office. The Post office itself is awesome and one of my top 10 Post Offices in the world. It is well up there with the Post office in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Of course we had a slight detour to get some Postcards. The Post Office is in fact a real Tourist sight if there was any tourists. When I went to the Stamps counter , I of course wanted to see a selection of stamps. So they got the head of the Post office, as they seen I had security police with me and they thought I must be important. I was so surprised to find that the official had a Irish accent when he talked to me in English. I discovered he spend his student days in Dublin learning English. So we spend extra time talking about his stay in Ireland. Of course I got to choose some nice stamps.  

Africa-Algeria-Djemila   A very fine World Heritage site and enjoyed the freedom walking around here. Excellent 

My last stop in Algeria. Wished I could have spend more time here. However security was a issue and so had to be careful. Very friendly people . 

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