Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tuscany Italy

Europe-Italy-San Gimignano  I recall climbing to the top to one of these towers to get a view of the World Heritage town. Italy at its best as you walk along the streets and watch and take it all in . ;

A standard definitive stamp . 

Europe-Italy-Pienza  This paricular squre and the way town planning was done assisted in getting Pienza a World Heritage Award. No cars allowed around this area. 

I like the Art Deco stamp on the right.. 

Europe-Italy-Montecatini   This is were I stayed during this trip to Italy. I was here working . Did not feel like work though.. Very relaxing and pleasant 

Small Post office here where I purchased my stamps for this trip. 

Europe-Italy-Pisa The very famous Leaning tower of Pisa. When I was there , there was a rope holding one side. Not seen here on the postcard. A World heritage Site 

A Pisa Postmark 

Europe-Italy-Siena   Well this square looks like this except on thing.. Its full of people. Many just sitting around and relaxing. Full of atmosphere. The Tower in the middle is pretty amazing. Need I say another World Heritage Site. 

The Postmark is Florence . 

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