Thursday, 29 August 2013

Christmas Island in the Pacific

There are two Christmas Islands. This is the one in the Pacific . It is also called Kiritimati . However in local language ti is pronounced as Kirimas hence Christmas. Kiritimati. Christmas Island belongs to Kiribati pronounced as Kiribass.  
Had a great trip here. It is the largest coral island in the world and has a increasing population of 7000 plus. The key tourist feature here is game fishing. 

You can see photos of the Island from the plane. The Airport . The Captain Cook hotel. Christmas Island is part of the Line and Phoenix Islands . I had to wait for the Post office to open . I think it opens like so much here in "Pacific Time " . Not a great selection of Kiribati stamps , but a choice of very nice postcards to choose from.. But when opened the postmaster was very helpful with my mail as you can see. Some  beautiful white sandy beaches. So went swimming and bird watching. 
Next Stop American Samoa. 

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