Monday, 19 August 2013

Faroe Islands and Jan Mayen

Atlantic Ocean-Faroe Islands-Thorshavn   I had been trying to get to the Faroe Islands for some time . On my previous time the flight could not land due to fog. So this time went by sea. At least this way you come right into the capitol Torshavn. Really enjoyed my visit here. Could spend more time here. Liked the green grass that was growing on some of the old houses on the roofs. 

The Main post office has a philatelic section. Lots of stamps to choose from. 

Europe-Norway-Jan Mayen   A remote island up the very north of Norway. Making my way up to the Arctic. On Jan Mayen had to watchful  just in case there was any Polar bears. Also visited Bear Island after this , but no postcard for there. This Island is a Nature reserve. 

Visited the Scientific base here which includes a full Post office. I had a photo taken wearing the Postman's hat. A very nice postmark. 

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