Monday, 30 September 2013

Spain , an Enclave and Balearic Islands

Europe-Spain-Llivia  An unusual village to visit. It is actually an enclave in France. A small village, but I always like villages like this that are surrounded by another country. 

It is two stamps featuring King Carlos. I could not find the post office here, so not sure if there was one. But put the mail in a local postbox. You can see the faint Llivia postmark. 

Europe-Spain-Barcelona  Here is a postcard featuring Hospital de Sant Pau. Right in the middle of Barcelona . This former hospital was a great complex to visit. You will see a modern style of architecture. This is a World Heritage Site. 

There are many post offices in Barcelona . Not always easy to get a good selection of stamps though. Have to go to the main Post office . 

Europe-Balearic Islands-Ibiza-Ibiza City   Well my first visit to Ibiza. My second  holiday ever as a 7 year old was to Majorca another Balearic Island. The old town is itself a World Heritage site. It really only comes alive late at night. I had arrived about 3pm in the day and was very dead. Everyone was on siesta. But from 10pm to 3am it is buzzing every night. Great to walk around and take it all in. 

A clear Ibiza Postmark. 

Europe-Balearic Islands-Formentera  Just a short ferry ride away from Ibiza and another world. Old Spain in parts. The biodiversity in this area makes it part of the Ibiza World Heritage site.

I like that this postmark has Illes Balerars , so Balearic Islands. 

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