Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sicily and Lampedusa

Europe-Sicily-Villa Romana Del Casale This is the fresco on the floor from the Villa Romana del Casale. It is a very busy tourist site. A old  Roman villa with great frescos. Here you can see one of the famous ones with great colour. A World Heritage Site. 

This card was posted near the site , but I see it has a Catania Postmark. 

Europe-Sicily-Noto Driving around Sicily is such a great trip. Lots of old towns, like this one. Also a World Heritage site. The big thing here is the Ice Cream. Considered to be the best in the world.! Well it was very nice for sure. 

The Post offices down this way had no choice in stamps . Have to go to a larger city for that. So it is just plain Italian Definitive stamps . 

Europe-Lampedusa   This island is now famous for I guess the wrong reasons. It is nearer to Africa then Europe. Now many Africans try to get here as their nearest entry into Europe. Unfortunately many have now drowned trying to get here. In 2008 when I was here , it was not such a large problem then, or I did not  notice it. I had to arrive from Sicily by Ferry as the the flights were not going at the time in October 2008. Some Italians come down from the mainland as it extends their summer. When here I was swimming in the sea and very nice white beaches. Lampedusa is quite small especially the main town. This Island was in fact my last Country / Territory /Area to visit in Europe. I had still to go back to Poland , as never sent a postcard the last time. 

There is a Post office here ok, but the mail is sent to Palermo for processing. 


  1. Hi David,
    could it be the Canary Islands ?

  2. Hi Johan, a very good guess, but that is also a Atlantic Island. So have another look.

  3. Yes Johan, I will send you a card from my next short trip to Spain in November. David

  4. Hi David,
    I also don't see Poland or maybe The Azores! :D

    1. Ooops David didn't see your last message... think we posted both almost at the same time! Congrats to Johan :D

  5. Already many thanks David;sorry Gerda.