Monday, 21 October 2013

Syria and Lebanon World Heritage Sites.

Middle East-Syria-Aleppo The big attraction here was The Citadel. You can see in the top of this postcard. A fantastic walled city. Walking up to the citadel was a thrill in itself. I believe the city has been quite badly damaged now. 

This is a unperforated miniature sheet . Maybe the first I have used in my postcard collection. 

Middle East-Lebanon-Baalbeck   I flew from Allepo to Damascus . Then a driver across the border to Beirut. Without any doubt the best site in Lebanon to visit. It was breathtaking and a complete surprise to see this quality of site. I had a local guide to show me around. Not to be missed. 

Postmarked in the Post office in Baalbeck. I only noticed now that I never did get my postcard from Beirut . 

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