Sunday, 29 December 2013

`Alberta and British Colombia - Canada

North America-Canada-Jasper   What a wonderful sight this going through the Rockies . The train is the ideal way to see this wilderness. Pure joy. The weather was great and so much to see . On the train there is a carriage with a glass roof so you can really get a crystal clear view. The National Park in Jasper is a World Heritage Site.

At this stop had a few hours to walk around Jasper. So decided to take time out and have lunch here. They give you a time to get back on the train.When I got back on the train , it had only gone out about 10 minutes when it stopped. Someone had missed the train. So the train stopped and the passenger got on. In Canada there seems to be so many different postmarks types. Here we have a circular cancellation. 

North America-Canada-Vancouver  I arrived in Vancouver to be met by my friends in Canada. One of them is the most widely travelled Canadian , who lives in Canada. We have shared a cabin on some of our Antarctic trips. His wife does not like ships.. !! Vancouver is such a nice city and I was told you could swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon. 

What a unusual cancellation here with strikes and laser. So at least my last postcard in this Canadian trip has a cancellation. 

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