Tuesday, 31 December 2013


South America-Colombia-Cartagena  What a beautiful city Cartagena is . You can see the vivid colours here of some of the buildings. The fort and the surroundings are a World Heritage Site. A lot to see here. Found it very safe despite what I was told to expect when here. 

The cost of stamps here is very expensive compared to normal usage. I found the Post offices empty with no customers. I was also told not to expect to get all my Postcards back from Colombia but in fact I they did all arrive home. I like the large stamps and the nice postmarks. 

South America-Colombia-Bogota   Stayed here and and again found it safe . So Colombia has a lot to offer tourists wise and enjoyed my visit. 

I Posted this at the Post office in the Airport. The Post office was closed so I just pushed the card through the Door, as there was no outside Post box. But yes it made it. 

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