Saturday, 14 December 2013

Germany World Heritage Sites

Europe-Germany-Lutherstadt Wittenberg   This is a World Heritage Site , with the famous Luther's House and Museum. Fascinating . The bigger story for me was getting here. I was with some friends and we got a early morning train from Berlin. Me being the traveller they had presumed that I was looking after the arrangements. At Berlin train station I gave everyone their tickets and it said the time of arrival. We are all on the train still together, but I fell asleep. I can even to this day remember the time of arrival 9,17... So I woke up at 9.17 and looked out the train window to discover we were at Wittenberg . All my fellow travellers were just staring out the window.. I jumped up and said we are here. But it was too late. The train pulled away. We had missed our stop. When I asked them all why did not wake me up they said, well they were not sure what station it was.. The train was the ICE train so very fast. The next stop was Leipzig. The train conductor seen our tickets and understood what happened and did not charge . We got the slow train back, I think that took 3 hours instead of 1 hour. Well we did see here in the end. To this day , I am reminded of that story, The day we went to Leipzig by mistake. I never did see Leipzig, just the train station. 

I rarely manage to get unusual stamps in Germany. So another definitive stamp. 

Europe-Germany-Berlin   The Pergamon is part of Museum Island. This is a World Heritage Site. I would have to say this is one of the best museums I have ever been in. I was especially taken with the section on Babylon. It has made me determined to get there. All being well that will be in 2014. 

More Lighthouse stamps. 

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