Thursday, 12 December 2013


South America-Guyana-Georgetown  Guyana has some beautiful wooden buildings . Here you see city hall. Walking around this  city  is very interesting. The old department stores and the look of the place. Sort of 1950s time warp. However, it is not considered a safe city. One of the most dangerous in the world ! So I was clued in to make sure I was very aware what was around me as I walked around. The taxi man  from the airport had confirmed how bad it was with taxi drivers being regularly held up by robbers. There was a complete absence of policemen in uniform . 

Here you see the famous wooden church in Georgetown. The Post Office building was quite large. The philatelic section was in its own glass room. Here there was many many stamps . Some just left around. Looks like the Philatelic section could do with a major clean up. I have to say I have never seen so many stamps. Guyana issues way to many stamps. They all end up here.. Hence they are running out of space.. I am not surprised. 

South America-Guyana-Kaieteur Falls  Discovered in 1870 . It is a major tourist site in Guyana. You need to get on a small plane to get here. I have seen many waterfalls before, but this is spectacular. It is sort of deep in the Jungle/Forest.. Not sure the difference between the two! Well worth the trip here. 

Here is a very large Guyana stamp showing Kaieteur Falls. . 


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