Monday, 23 December 2013

Mount Athos

Europe-Mount Athos-Karyes   This is Mount Athos on the end of a Pensuila. the only way to get here is by boat. Also you have to be a man ! It is a collection of monasteries. When I started to arrange this trip, I discovered that you are expected to book at least 8 months to one year in advance. I had planned to be in this region so I was lucky and got a cancellation with a two month time frame.  I was here two days. It is a World Heritage Site. 

Because I could not get the dates I had wanted, I ended up here on a Saturday and Sunday. There is a Post office but it was closed. So I had brought Greece stamps with me to mail this card. The stamp on the right is the original stamp I used for this card. However, there is more to this then meets the eye. A month or so after I had got home I discovered in a Stamp Magazine that Greece issues stamps each year just for Mount Athos. Then I googled this and discovered a wonderful Postcard Blog. That was Glenn Mores from Canada. The Postcard  blog is   It is excellent and I view it many times. I then ordered the Mount Athos stamps from the Greece Post office and sent the card back by registered mail to the Post office in Karyes. These are the two stamps on the left of the card. So a unusual Posting. As a result of that blog , it gave me the inspiration to start this blog. Ok. it took me 3 years to start but better late then never. ! 

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