Thursday, 26 December 2013

Toronto and Montreal - Canada

North America-Canada-Toronto  Toronto was one of those cities I had heard so much about but never been to . So a good place to start on my Canadian trip. Very friendly , but not as much to see as I had anticipated. However, I had good friends here and enjoyed the city and its sights. 

One of my friends in Toronto is a stamp collector. So he took my postcard over to the Post office and asked for it to be hand stamped. He told me other wise there may not be any cancellation on the stamps. I like the definitive Canadian stamps , very colourful. 

North America-Canada-Montreal  Got here by car. Interesting to see a French part of Canada. At least I could help ordering the food when here with my friends. 

I cant quite work out if this stamp got a cancellation or not. There is a suggestion of ink on the right side of the stamp. Pity I did not get a clear Montreal Postmark. 

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