Thursday, 23 January 2014


Pacific Ocean-Palau-Koror  Palau has much to offer. The key tourist sights here are the Rock Islands. Unfortunately I could not find a postcard showing them. What a great place to visit. Also a magical lake that has jelly fish that don't sting. The Rock Islands are a World Heritage site. 

The Palau Post office have a very good Philatelic Section. Here you see stamps featuring Michael Jackson. With the black background it is hard to see the cancellation on part of the stamp. 

Pacific Ocean-Palau-Koror  It is nice to have a card featuring people. Palau does not have a lot of cards to choose from . At least you see some of the culture. 

At least this stamp is showing a more local feature, a shell.  Interesting to see that there is no date stamp on the cancellation.  

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