Friday, 31 January 2014


Middle East-Yemen-Sana'a  I had been reading a lot about Yemen and the shortage of water that was here. Also how unstable Yemen was. Well this was in March 2010 and I had decided to come here while it was good. Luckily for me , my timing was excellent and I had a great time here. Very friendly people and the Architecture was spectacular . Every were I went the locals told me how much they did not like their Government . It was run by a family and unless you were on the inside every thing was difficult. Still it was a city full of visual sights at every turn. Sana'a is a World Heritage Site. 

The Post office in Sana'a had very few stamps . But I was able to find a section that had some choice. So here is as set issued in 2009. 

Middle East-Yemen-Socotra-Hadibo   I took a flight from Sana'a to Socotra Island which is nearer the Somali coast. This was not cared for and would otherwise be a big tourist draw. 

The postmark here is very light . I had brought stamps with me from the purchase in Sana'a. The Post office in Socotra had very little to offer. So was sort of amazed when I produced some stamps I had ready to put on the Postcard. 

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