Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ireland - World Heritage Sites

Europe-Ireland-Newgrange   This is one of the two World Heritage Sites in the Republic of Ireland. I remember going up here on a school tour many years ago. You could literately just stop outside and go into the burial tomb as shown on the left hand side on the card. Now it is a lot busier and you need a special bus as part of the tour. On the shortest day of the  year which is in December , subject to clear skies the sun comes directly into the chamber. To go to this you are have to put your name down and hope it comes out in the draw, as spaces very limited. 

This is a stamp issued as part of a Souvenir sheet. I made a comment earlier on that you can really only get special stamps from the Philatelic counter in Dublin at the GPO. Of course as pointed out to me, you can order the stamps online too. 

Europe-Ireland-Skelligs   This is the second and currently the final World Heritage site in the Republic of Ireland. It is not easy to get too. On the west coast , one needs very good weather and one of the 3-5 boats that take people out on the days that weather permits. I had two attempts to get there and got here on the second time. It is a very old monastery and I have to say as a well travelled person , it is up there with Manchu Picchu as far as  how amazing this is. It is not widely advertised due to the fact only 100 persons can visit each day and these limits are usually reached easily. So no point looking for more , as there is no extra capacity. If you ever get a chance a must see. 

These cards are from John Hinde a famous producer of Postcards for all over the world. 

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  1. Newgrange, I'd say, is a must-see place in Ireland, older than famous Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids but still not that well known. It was the first place I went to after moving to Ireland, liked Knowth as well, more tombs but none is open to public really. What's good it's not that far from Dublin.
    I have always loved the ship stamp! It was unfortunately too expensive to put it on regular cards I sent out from Ireland.