Monday, 21 April 2014

Luxor Egypt

Spending most of my time in Sinai , but here in Luxor on a day trip. Thought it would be too short but fine, as after a while you get jadded looking at all the wonderful history here in Luxor. Certainly a must see on most peoples list of places to visit. The inside of the toombs in The Valley of the Kings are amazing , but no photos permitted. 
The Post office in Luxor was closed here on the day I arrived even though it was due to be open. Fortunately I purchased some stamps as a back up in Sharm el Sheikh and was able to post some postcards in the Postbox. 


  1. I have dreamt about going to Egypt since I was a child, hope it comes true one day. The pyramids, the Sphinx, the hieroglyphs and Luxor seems so mysterious and appealing. Seeing only photos from there isn't enough. I do hope you enjoyed your trip :)

    PS Your collection is beautiful.

    1. Thank you. Yes strange. Enough same for me too. When I was less then 10 I read a book about Egypt and hoped to visit one day.