Monday, 12 May 2014

Vatican City, Sovereign Order of Malta and Italy

Had a weekend in Rome . A city that one can visit 3 different Post offices. First up is Vatican Post. I had been to the main Post office near St. Peter's Square but this one is at the end of the Sistine  Chapel as one exits. I found out that Vatican Post has 4 Post offices. The Post offices themselves have a limited selection of stamps. You have to go to the Philatelic section on the other side of the square. On this trip I  did visit the Vatican Museum as well for the first time. Very impressive and well worth while buying the ticket in advance to miss the large line outside.

This is my second visit to The Sovereign Order of Malta. They had just opened a new visitors centre in April. This building has diplomatic status. Here I am in the visitors centre with lady who is in charge . Behind you see a photo of the Grand Master.
Upstairs on the second floor is the Philatelic and Post office. Unfortunately there is only a select countries in the world who have postal arrangements with the Order of Malta. Ireland is not one of them. So only limited countries I can mail Postcards to. Last time I sent to a friend in Italy and then the postcard was sent on to me. Here is the latest issue and a special Order of Malta postcard being stamped by the chief Postmaster.

And finally to Rome itself. What a great city though at times a little chaotic. So much to see so little time, I would say. Had a great time and here is the famous Colosseum . One could spend many months in Italy and still have lots more to see. 

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  1. That picture of the guy franking your postcard at the SMOM PO is great :)