Monday, 16 June 2014

London -England

Europe -England -London    Over in London for a Weekend trip. Main reason here was a meeting of Travelers Century Club UK/Ireland. Here there are few World fellow travellers so we can discuss new countries and exchange information and talk about past and upcoming trips.. Always a enjoyable day. Below you see a photo of the previous event in September 2013. Since I was younger than I care to remember I always paid a visit to Stanley Gibbons . I have great memories of when I first visited the shop in the Strand and looking over different stamps from all the commonwealth countries. It did my geography no harm. Today I tend to sell more then I buy.. 

London also means a visit to the West End . This time to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory. London is great for theatre especially musicals. 

Finally a trip to the Post office. The main philatelic office for the UK is in Scotland. So in London this is the Post office to visit at Trafalgar square. Here you see some photos of the collectibles section . The Post office used to be the full building now just one end. So my busy trip to London came to a end . On this occasion did not do the tourist sights as had done most of that , but the British Museum is always worth a look . Every time you go you see something new that you had not spotted before. 

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