Friday, 20 June 2014

Netherland's World Heritage Sites.

Europe-Netherlands-Amsterdam   Here are images of Amsterdam which includes its Canals which are a World Heritage Site. I have not been to Amsterdam for many years and enjoyed the city which is very easy to get around. 

Before I visited the Netherlands, I contacted the Dutch Philatelic Service. I had heard it was difficult to get a selection of stamps and that there was in fact no Post offices as I know them. They told me on the phone that there was certain newsagents that sold a selection of stamps. Well I was very disappointed as I found this not to be the case. If I had known that I would have ordered stamps in advance. Here you can see the sort of stamp I could purchase.  

Europe-Netherlands-Utrecht  This wonderful house is well worth the visit . It was build in 1924 and now a museum. It has some very innovative ways with walls . It is way ahead of its time for 1924. A worthy World Heritage Site. 

Initially  this postcard came back with no Postmark. So sent it back and now got a postmark. Though hard to see if there is a city on the date stamp at all. 

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