Monday, 28 July 2014

Indian World Heritage Site and Pondicherry

Asia-India-Tamil Nadu-Mahabalipuram  This is a World Heritage site that one postcard can not do justice to. It is south of Chennai. Wonderful carved elephants out of rock. Pretty amazing . You can see a small part here. 

A fantastic set of stamps here. Lots of colour and interest. My views on Indian stamps have changed since this trip. Never knew there was so much variety.  

Asia-India-Ponducherry Union State-Ponducherry  A former French Colony. This area has such a french feel to it. Part of the town is like a set from a film studio. A very laid back hippy type place. Not like any other part of India at all. 

Pondicherry is the other name for Ponducherry and in fact that is the name you see mostly around the place in non government offices. I even found a stamp shop dealer here.. 

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