Friday, 15 August 2014

Kampala Uganda

Africa-Uganda-Kampala The capital of Uganda. Uganda was a very enjoyable country to visit. Very friendly and quite cheap. Stayed just outside Kampala overlooking Lake Victoria

The Main Post office was very large and had a small philatelic section. However the official in charge had the keys and was off that day I visited. So only had a limited selection. 

Africa-Uganda-Kampala  Many African cities are not very attractive. Kampala it pretty colourful and a busy city. I found it very safe to walk around . 

Loved this triangular stamp that had just been recently issued. Clear postmark with Kampala sorting office. 


  1. Hi David,
    After reading your About Me on this page, I agree with you that collecting postcards, stamps and other collectibles about a certain country is a great way to give us great memories of the past travels we had. Even if we actually cannot go to some countries, just receiving postcards/stamps from people there is also a great alternative of experiencing what could’ve been, right? I have never been to Uganda, and I think it’s a great place too, if one is willing to travel and explore that place. I checked out an online stamp catalogue that I usually visit, went to Uganda but it seems that they don’t have 2014 stamps yet. I am going to inform them of the stamps you have so that they can include it in their catalogue.

  2. Thanks Kevin, Yes Uganda a good value destination in East Africa and lots to see.