Friday, 17 October 2014


Luckily I had brought some stamps with me , that were purchased in shops in Sharm El Sheikh. The Post office was closed for no apparent reason. So this card went in the mail box outside the post office. 

Africa-Egypt-Luxor This is a fantastic place to visit and should be on everyones list of must dooooos.. lol.. This postcard does not do it justice. The condition of the area is pretty amazing bearing in mind how old it is. A World Heritage Site. 

Middle East-Egypt in Asia-Sharm el Sheikh  Back to regular postcards again. I have and still am very busy with work so still have much catching up to do. Sinai was off limits for Irish tourists as far as a our government was concerned when I visited. But as you all know that would not put me off. This was a holiday in the pure sense of the word. Relaxing and just enjoying the sun. So great to do that. Sharm el Shikh is not full of charm and one does not come here to see the sights. Still the pools were nice as was the food. Did manage to see those wonderful fish in the sea here. 

I had a significant row with the taxi driver who did not know where the Post office was. He said he did but he did not.. Post offices are not exactly on everyone's list of places to visit, but they are certainly in my case. Found the Post office, but no selection of stamps . I was surprised as this is a major tourist area. I guess most tourists mail their cards from the Hotels.


  1. Yes, Egypt is one of the places where I must go, maybe next year...

  2. 10 years ago, when we visited Sharm El Sheikh, there was a good choice of stamps in the hotel but almost no stamps in the post office. As I understood local people usually use stickers for their correspondence so no need to have big variety of stamps in the post office (I don't know how many tourists mail from the post-office there but guess not so many...)