Friday, 24 October 2014

Vatican City and Sovereign Order of Malta

Europe-Vatican City Here is a beautiful postcard of Pope Francis. My trip to the Vatican this time was longer then previous. I really enjoyed the Vatican Museum and the Gardens. Larger then I had expected. Vatican City is a World Heritage Site. 

On the day I visited I could get to a Post office ok but not the Philatelic section. There was a large event due on in St.Peter's the next day and so it proved to difficult to try to explain to all the Guards that I wanted to buy stamps when in fact they pointed me to a nearer Vatican Post Office. Did not realise there was a number of Post offices, I think 3 ! 

Europe-Sovereign Order of Malta Another visit here to the building in Rome. This time there was a new museum  just opened, so took the opportunity to view and learn about the Order. Very interesting. 

Unfortunately Ireland does not have an arrangement with the Post office here in Ireland,  so I cannot post back home. Last time I sent to a friend in Italy who then had it sent on under cover. So was happy this time just to get the postcard cancelled with the stamps. 

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