Sunday, 7 December 2014

Persepolis and Esfahan

Middle East-Iran-Persepolis This is the staircase of the Tripylon Palace in Persepolis. The whole place is fantastic . It was just incredible to see the detail on this staircase. A great World Heritage Site. 

I was delighted and surprised to find a Post Office on this sight. I guess it is a big tourist attraction. As usual in most of Iran the PO official would only allow me to use the alphabet Definitive stamps on the card. The other stamps I had purchased elsewhere , " Are for collectors only". So I had to put more postage then needed and I put this attractive miniature sheet on the card as well. 

Middle East-Iran-Esfahan  I think my favourite city in Iran. Really enjoyed it here. This is Khaju Bridge . Unfortunately the water is dried up now, so  no water to be seen . A great shame . 

This Post office had a Philatelic office. It looks like one of those offices that have staff, but nothing happens. So it was with great joy that they found me at the counter. Initially at the Post office counter , they would only sell me meter marks and not stamps. It took a few minutes for me to explain I wanted "real Stamps ".  However it really got sorted when I found this Philatelic office. They were so pleased and how impressed I was with the display that they offered me all  the stamps I wanted Free !!! However, this is Iranian friendly custom and is not to be taken literally. So I paid for my stamps and here you can see some of the new stamps I purchased. 

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