Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Rock of Cashel and Aran Islands

Europe-Ireland-Rock of Cashel  Dating from 1100 this was the original seat of the Kings of Muster . ( This area) . It is most famous for the Round Tower . Also on site is the remains of the Cathedral  and chapel. 

The other part of the round stamp issue. 

Europe-Ireland-Aran Islands These are very famous Islands on the west coast of Ireland. I had previously visited the most remote Island in the world ( Bouvet) and inhabited ( Tristan de Cunha) . I was quite embarrassed when asked about what was the Aran Islands like to visit. So I made sure I did. I have to say it is a wonderful place. Reminds me of old Ireland if I can put it that way. I was quite surprised to find many non Irish working here and they were speaking Irish language.  Here is Dun Aengus a fort on the coast of the Island. 

The Postmaster agreed to cancel this postcard for me prior to going into the outgoing mail bag. It ended up getting another laser printed cancel . 


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