Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sabah and Johor - Malaysia

Asia-Sabah-Kota Kinabalu Taking me 30 years to get back here. I had been to the famous Orangutan reserve in Sandakan so this time just did Kota Kinabalu. That was a wonderful experience . At that time you could actually hold the younger ones hands, and walk with them. So pretty amazing. This time It was  just R and R here . Relaxing. At the resort there was in fact a small Orangutan sanctuary and that was easy to get to and yet still relaxing. 

This is the most up to date  Definitives for the States of Malaysia. I had to purchase these in advance from the Philatelic section in Kuala Lumpur just in case they were not on sale in each state. In fact they were not. The Post offices all had different prices for postcards , from 40c up to $2. So in this case I put a additional flower stamp. 

Asia-Malaysia-Johor-Johor Bahru  Finding a postcard in Johor was impossible so I had to use this generic card I got at a airport shop. Johor is right on the border with Singapore. So went across for the day. Only $4 by bus from Johor to Singapore. So great value. Not a lot to see in Johor , but did try and visit the previous home of the Sultan of Johor as it is a museum, but it was closed. Very impressive from the outside. 

In this post office the postcard rate was $1 . So I did not have to put the extra flower stamp on the card. No state stamps for sale here just flower stamps . 


  1. I was in Malaysia last month and I am excited to post the postcard I sent to myself from Kuala Lumpur. I"ll have it published on my blog this coming Saturday :)

    I really like the layout of your page btw, organized and neat.