Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Singapore and Malaysia

Asia-Singapore-Singapore City  This was my second visit to the Philatelic museum. However it is a  private company and not in association with the Post office. So you cannot buy a full selection of current issues. They have many older issues and from other countries, but at dealer prices. So a little bit disappointing on that score. Still a beautiful building. 

These are the current definitive issue from Singapore. I had got these in a post office nearby . Unfortunately I had not got the time to find a full philatelic counter, as I was only in Singapore for the afternoon and evening. Still enjoyed it once I got over the shock of the price difference between Singapore and Malaysia. 

Asia-Malaysia-Kelantan-Kota Bharu Not a very exciting city , never did manage to get to this food market. 

A very nice postmark from Kota Bharu. 

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  1. D'oh! I didn't know you were coming to Singapore on this trip. I would have loved to have met for a coffee/drink and thanked you in person for all the amazing cards you've sent me. :-)