Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fernando de Noronha

Atlantic Ocean-Fernando de Noronha  This is my last location to visit on my Atlantic Islands list , so was very excited to visit here. Fernando de Nornoha is a World Heritage site. This is mainly due to the wildlife and the nature park. I have many Brazilians in Dublin, but none of them had visited this island. Reason: it is the most expensive part of Brazil to fly to and to stay. This is due to the limited availability . Certainly enjoyed it here, but maybe a little overrated in the travel books. Maybe I have travelled too much !!!! 

Always good to get a card back from a off beat location. I purchased these stamps in Rio. What I love about them is that they had a smell of honey .... well they did have when I purchased them and put them on the card. Now however the aroma is gone, but still beautiful stamps. The Postmark is hard to read , but does say Fernando de Noronha on the top part. 

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