Sunday, 29 May 2016


Aitutaki is one of those special islands. Part of the Cook Islands and is the second most visited in the group.  Stayed here a few  days. Pure luxury with great beaches and a fantastic lagoon.

 The Airport at Aitutaki

 This is the Aitutaki Post office . The Manager is Alice as seen here. The Post office is open Monday to Friday. But as I only arrived on Saturday , it was arranged with Air Rarotonga that they would especially open the Post office for me !!! Thank you Alice. The Post office sells a mix of Cook Islands stamps and Aitutaki stamps. They dont have a philatelic section as such. They also dont have sets for collectors to purchase.
Alice tells me that they get quite a bit of philatelic mail for postmarking. So this is all done here in real time in the Post office.
I brought Aitutaki stamps with my that I purchased from the Agent in the USA. Needless to say the stamps had not been put on sale here . There is no First Day Cover service here or in the Cook Islands. Those covers are all postmarked in the USA by the Agent.

Just like the rest of the Cook Islands the Post office is now Blue Sky.

 This is One Foot Island Post office . This is just one of the little islets on the Lagoon . Had a great day here. The Post office was not opened on the day I was here Saturday. But they have a special postmark in agreement with the Main Post office in Aitutaki.

A beautiful island and managed to do some swimming here and plenty of fish to keep one company as you can see.   

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