Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a very beautiful island. The Norfolk Pines are everywhere. 

Above is the settlement in Kingston. However the administration and centre is now in Burnt Pine. 

Norfolk Post office in Burnt Pine. The big news is that Norfolk Island is to loose its status as a self dependent territory of Australia from July 1. Many people on the island are not happy. What that means from a Stamp point of view is that Norfolk Post office will no longer exist. Australia Post will take over and a new Post office . Australia stamps will only be valid from July 1. It is expected that Australia post will issue Norfolk stamps from time to time like Cocos and Christmaas Island. No issues are planned as yet. There is only a registered service for mail using a Australia Post envelope with a AU code. 

The Post office counter has a selection of stamps . The philatelic bureau is upstairs and I was able to pay a visit. However the ladies up there are camera shy. They do not know what will happen . However I did happen to meet the new people from Australia post setting up the new office on the plane , so got on the info . Norfolk have some beautiful stamps. Loads of tourists here and plenty of postcards. 

Many people not happy losing their parliament . 


  1. Wonderful post and beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. Sad story for the people of Norfolk Island and for us collectors of "special" places...the chance to get a postcard from the island with their own stamps will be very small now!

  3. Great Kiribati postcard arrived today!! Thanks a lot David!:D