Sunday, 3 July 2016

Penryhn and Rarotonga

Pacific Ocean-Penryhn  Here you can see the how large Penryhn is . The largest island in the Cook Islands. Also considered to be the most remote. A population of around 1500 . Two main villages. Was very pleased to get here after a few years of planning. I stayed in a family home that was geared towards the few visitors that come here. Most are by ship or stop by on a yacht. The Island is known locally as Tongerava . 

The Post office here in Penryhn was most helpful. The had a full selection , but not  in a set form of Penryhn stamps. The stamps used here I purchased from the Philatelic sales agent which is based in the USA. These stamps were not on sale locally at this time. The mail arrived back very quickly due to the fact it left on the same plane I went on. The manager of the Post office also was in charge of Air Rarotonga for Penryhn and runs the main shop on the island. A busy lady. 

Pacific Ocean-Rarotonga   When leaving from Rarotonga to New Zealand  at the airport I spotted this card. It is hand made and carved from wood.  This is my second such card in my collection. The other one you will find from the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. 

I had spare stamps with me so I used these Rarotonga stamps and the kind lady in the shop agreed to mail it for me. So here it is a great addition to the collection . 

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