Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Swallows Nest - Crimea

Europe-Russia-Crimea-Yalta   Here is the famous Swallows Nest. This toy town castle is a favourite for Crimean postcards. The castle has a great view and actually overhangs a cliff. Great to visit. It is near Yalta.  I had always wanted to visit Yalta. Especially interested in Chekov's dacha where is nearby. Yalta did not quite live up to expectation , but glad I visited. 

The main post office is right in the middle of town on the seafront. Busy when I was here. I had purchased these stamps in Sevastopol . 

Europe-Russia-Crimea- Yalta   This is the fist time I have placed a postcard of a plane. I have travelled on a Tupolev 154 a number of times. Last time was  in 2006 on a flight from Nakhchivan to Baku on Azerbaijan Airlines. 

Posted in Yalta. This includes the stamps issued by Russia featuring Crimea. This Postcard was part of a individual collection of cards featuring Soviet or Russian aircraft  

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