Monday, 22 August 2016

Mogadishu - Somalia

Africa-Somalia-Mogadishu  A postcard from Somalia is as rare as hens teeth as we would say in Ireland. Here is the old Italian lighthouse in the city harbour. Just beside here is the beach. You can see the same type of photo on the earlier photos I took when here. I had always wanted to visit Somalia since I had not managed to gain entry in 2011.  So I was delighted to be able to find  . At first I wondered was there really a tourist company in Somalia ? Well as it turned out there sure was. They looked after me very well . It was great learning about life in Mogadishu . I was able to see all the city . 

This is the first time most will have seen the new postmark at the GPO in Mogadishu. I was so pleased to be able to visit the Post office itself. While there I was able to cancel my postcards with the assistant of the Post office . They even had some stamps available from stock . As you already know there is just incoming mail and no outgoing mail at present. But that is soon to change according to the Director general of the Post and Telecommunications in Somalia. 


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