Thursday, 13 April 2017


Indian Ocean-Maldives-Male

Just back from my trip now , so can update . Starting off in the Maldives. Stayed on South Ari Atoll, but also spend a full day in Male the small capital which looks like Manhattan from the sky.
This is the Post office at the airport . It is open 24 hours !! I think this is the first Post office I have seen that. However when I arrived it was closed for one hour. So I guess the staff have to eat .. lol..  There are presentation folders with stamps on one side which includes some sets.  Other then that, on sale via a book is individual stamps and miniature sheets.  You wont find sets. Also no order. The staff do not know issue dates. But otherwise an attractive office with a good selection of postcards for sale 

Very friendly Post staff 

The Main Post office in Male itself . Despite notices no real Philatelic section . Post office is a little chaotic . I did not buy any stamps there.  

The Presidents house in Male 

Near the Fish market in Male 

The get to the islands many inc myself take the Float plane. 

In the background the island of Male from the plane. The main airport is on its own island .

At the resort . Great food and very relaxing . 

Lagoon area outside bedroom 

Snorkelling   on the reef. 


  1. Great blog! There are 24 hour post offices in quite a few places... especially Eastern Europe. For example Warsaw is 24/7. Also I think one in Paris is open nearly 24h, near the Louvre.

    1. Thanks Jan,, I did not know that. Glad you enjoy the blog